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The following category contains armies aligned with Chaos and the Chaos Gods. For formerly Imperial forces and Independant Forces please see the relevent category. [At the time of writing I've not made it yet. If I've made it by the time you read this and this note is still here, would you mind removing it please and linking to it. Danke ^_^]

This category contains all Chaos-aligned armies: Space Marines, Humans and Daemons and are seperated in this list by the God that they primarily serve and further categorised in alphabetical order. When this list becomes further extensive, this category may be split in to several pages.

Official armies are permitted in this list, but to save space and to prevent repetition, can you please link to the relevent Lexicanum entry.

Khorne Edit

World Eaters

Malal Edit

Sons of Malice

Nurgle Edit

Death Guard

Phobos Edit

The Sons of Terror

Slaanesh Edit

Emperor's Childen

Tzeentch Edit

Thousand Sons

Chaos Undivided Edit

Sons of Horus/Black Legion

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