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25-March-2009 - Building the site
Well I'm just about getting everything put together. Over the next few days I'll be adding the necessary sections and writing a single article to go in each. If all goes well, it'll all be sorted within a week. ^_^ Meanwhile, feel free to sign up and jump in. --- HMR
23-March-2009 - Getting Started
Hello all. I've begun creating templates and creating the infrastructure needed for this wiki to work. If you would like to help, then please sign up and jump in. Have fun folks. --- HMR

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Sons of Terror

This new Chapter is composed of traitors, drawn together by the urge to bring fear and horror to their enemies. The legion's initial ranks came from select individuals from various Chaos and (rarely) some Imperial Space Marine Chapters. Phobos whispered to them, promising a relief from fear by embracing it and seducing them with promises of the power to terrify..

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